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Cobas C501

  • Manufacturer: Roche
  • Model: Cobas C 501
  • Full Refurbished
  • A grade
  • QC Passed
  • Updated to last version
  • 10 open channels
SKU: C00501
Category: Cobas 6000, Cobas C501, Roche
Tags: autoanalyzer, Biochemistry, c501, cobas

The Cobas C 501 module is a mid volume analyzer comprised of a photometric unit for a broad range of clinical chemistry assays and an ISE unit for ion-selective electrode determinations of sodium, potassium, and chloride in serum, plasma, or urine. This module is also capable of measuring HbA1c levels in whole blood, making it a truly flexible and versatile analyzer.

For download test menu click here

Weight: 330 kg
Dimensions: 98 × 180 × 130 cm


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