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Atlas Bion Corporation,Atlas Bion Chemistry (ABC). With a history of more than 20 years of activity in the areas of laboratory, medical devices, drugs and this time continues its activity with full focus on service and support in Europe and the Middle East. In line with this activity, the company has worked with universities and renowned companies in the field of science and research. Atlas Bion Chemistry has an exclusive representation of companies in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Preserved partly for Europe and the Middle East to improve the health of human society.Dr. Majid Vosughi and Abolfazl Chek Ing. The managing directors have assessed some of the community’s health needs and identified the newest intelligent therapy method in some areas. As of 2017, extensive research work was done to enter Europe and the Middle East. Since health promotion requires special attention from world science, it has become the basis for the development of its recent activities.


  • Laboratory: laboratory accessories and equipment, control material, calibrators, reagents for drug levels in the fields of clinical chemistry, hematology and immunology.
  • Medical field: orthopedics, pain therapy, Infectious Diseases, skin, wound and beauty.

Our Team

Abolfazl Chek

Research and Development Manager

Felix Hoffmann

Software Dep. Manager

Sara Rabiei

Field Service Engineer Manager

Alex Weber

Sales Manager

Mary Nold

Application Specialist

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