• Analytical unit includes the ISE and photometric measuring systems.
  • Capability to use serum, plasma, urine, CSF and supernatant sample types.
    Throughput of 800 test/hr for photometrics and 600 tests/hr for ISEs.
  • With the disk system, the machine has 110 position for routine, stat and QC samples.
  • Throughput:800 tests/hr for photometrics, 600 tests/hr for ISEs,and 1200 tests/hr for photometrics and ISEs

The Roche/Hitachi 917 test menu includes assays for routine clinical chemistry,
protein profiling, therapeutic drug monitoring and drugs of abuse screening
on-board assays, the systems can consolidate routine
testing or special testing in a variety of laboratory environments.

Depth:30 in
Height:46 in
Width:454 in
Weight:882 lbs

Hitachi 917
From routine to specific tests, perform them all on a single system.

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  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • Model: 917
  • Full Refurbished
  • A grade
  • QC Passed
  • Full open channels



Roche Hitachi 902