Testing capabilities: Electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology for heterogeneous immunoassays
Throughput: Up to 170 tests/h

Samples: Serum, plasma, urine

Test integrity measures: Disposable assay cups and tips for carryover-free pipetting

Clot and liquid level detection (LLD) of samples; LLD detection for reagents

Reagents: Up to 25 reagent cassette positions

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Depth:202 cm (80 in)
Height:114 cm (45 in)
Width:189 cm (74 in)
Weight:540 kg

The Cobas E 601 module is a fully automated analyzer that uses a patented electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology for immunoassay analysis. It is designed for both quantitative and qualitative in vitro assay determinations for a broad range of applications (including anemia; bone, cardiac and tumor markers; critical care; fertility/hormones; maternal care; and infectious diseases).

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  • Manufacturer: Roche
  • Model: Cobas E601
  • Full Refurbished
  • A grade
  • QC Passed
  • Updated to last version



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