Testing capabilities:Clinical chemistry, ISE, HbA1c (whole blood measurement)
Throughput:Up to 300 tests/hr for photometry tests only
480 tests/hr for only ISE tests
Samples:Serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), supernatant (hemolysate)
Automated sample rerun and dilution
Additional sample loading during operation
Test integrity measures:Contact-free ultrasonic mixing
Determination of 3 serum indices (lipemic, hemolytic, icteric)
Sample clot detection
Reagents:Up to 45 reagent positions (42 cassette positions and 3 channels for ISE)
Barcoded cobas c reagent packs

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Depth:859 mm (34 in)
Height:1260 mm (50 in)
Height Level of Monitor:1380-1570 mm 54.3- (61.8 in)
Width:1325 mm (52 in)
Weight:270 kg (595 lb)

The Cobas C 311 analyzer is a stand alone system that offers consolidated testing from a broad menu of clinical chemistry applications. This analyzer has the capacity for ion-selective electrode (ISE) determination of sodium, potassium, and chloride in serum, plasma, and urine. In addition, measurement of HbA1c levels in whole blood can also be performed, making it a truly flexible analyzer.

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  • Manufacturer: Roche
  • Model: Cobas C311
  • Full Refurbished
  • A grade
  • QC Passed
  • Updated to last version
  • 10 open channels




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